Artist Statement

I choose cloth, thread, and mixed media as a means of art and expression. Manipulating cloth, paper, patterns, and color are irresistible forces. Working in a series and exploring a specific theme is how I spend creative time in my studio. My surroundings and nature are the inspirations I use to abstract.

Form, color, and scale are important aspects in all my series work. The imagery I create from one piece to the next evolves from what I see and experience in my subjects' environments. I continue to find new ways and challenges to approach the same subject in my exploration of my series.

Working improvisationally is key to the development of each piece. The final work is a visual record of my creative journey expressing my evolution of the subject matter.

I work to please myself first during the building and construction of the stitched cloth. It is my hope that each work will be a place for viewers to ponder and start a conversation.


I learned to sew on my mother’s Singer sewing machine at the age of five. Art has always been a passion and was always an outlet for expression. Though these two did not converge until later in life, I have always been engaged in creating something artistic or creating with cloth.

I have lived on the West Coast all my life in all three states, California, Oregon, and Washington spending time in every major city in each state. I graduated from Washington State University in 1977 with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Architecture. After graduating, I worked in various areas of these industries.

In 2001, I found the medium of fiber art and quilting. This was my muse creating imagery with fiber. My focus and skills have been refined over the years, but creating with cloth and thread has remained constant.  Fast forward to 2021  I began to explore mono-printing and collage using the same design and composition principles.

In 2016 my husband and I moved to Northern Idaho, a favorite playground growing up. We live in a small community where we are surrounded by inspiration and beauty with every changing season. Life is good as I look out my studio window surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges.

I love to create, spending time in my studio pushing myself to discover new possibilities. I identify with who I am through my artwork and love the process of creating as a means of expression.

My fiber art and mixed media represent how I see color, shapes, and line. My style is contemporary and intuitive. My time in my studio is a process of discovery. I work to please myself first and secondarily share my work with others.